hi, I'm Allie.

I’m an enthusiastic lover of sports who never thought I would be a sports fan. Now, I’m a diehard fan of my teams and the interesting world of sports. Primarily, I follow hockey, gymnastics, football, and baseball, but I’ve been known to sit down for an English Premier League match or two.

I like to write about getting to the Happy Ever After… as well as what comes after that fateful moment two people say those three little words. The intersection between attraction and romantic connection interests me, and a lot of my characters fall on the LGBTQA+ spectrum even within the confines of a seemingly heterosexual female/male couple. 

I strive for inclusivity and positivity even in the most pessimistic, soul wrenching moments without being fake or trite. Body positivity, racial diversity, religious expression, and self acceptance are common themes. 

My stories are for everyone, including people who think they hate sports, and anyone who loves a good love story.

Born and raised in San Diego, CA, I live in the best city on earth. One day I might get a cat.

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