Pump Fake

It sounds too good to be true: your ex is caught cheating with someone else, so you hook up with their ex to make your ex and her ex feel like the clowns they are… and it turns out, your new fake girlfriend is actually pretty awesome, and you would die before letting anything happen to this incredibly strong, confident woman whose heart is a little bit bruised.


Sounds convoluted? Wouldn’t it be easier to say, I’m fake dating the woman whose ex cheated on her with my ex, in a petty attempt to get revenge on the losers who tried to break our spirits. There. Not so complicated, is it?


Except Deisy and I are supposed to be in a platonic arrangement. We’re both on the rebound, and consciously doing this together in a way that lets our hearts recover while our heads wrap around the trauma they caused. It’s not supposed to get physical… 


Until it does.


PUMP FAKE is a fake dating relationship, college sports romance featuring a class-clown youngest-child football player, and a swimmer who can withstand anything… except the tidal wave of emotion trying to bring her down.


TW: emotional neglect, emotional abuse, off-page SA, and light kink play